Currently – 11/16/19 (Job, Work, Sore)

I don’t have many details on my family’s now former business or who shut it down and it really doesn’t matter at this point. Its gone and we just have to move forward. I’ve been fired before and I need to do the same as well, move forward that is. I’ve applied to two places so we’ll see how that works out. Right now I’m just trying to survive until the end of my class and we’ll take it from there.

I got my last check cashed today so it kind of hit me that this is really over and I’m not dreaming or rather having a nightmare. Right now things have quieted down but there’s this air of unease hanging over all of us. I still need a job and things aren’t really going to well. What I would really like to know is this just the prelude before everything gets a lot worse or are we finally in the clear for a bit. I spent part of the day helping my mom unload a bunch of files and sensitive information out of the building. Apparently we’re going to be evicted by Monday. Its really insane how quick this process really was compared to how we were teetering on the edge for around five years before this point. We’re getting almost no notices and being shoved out the door within days as if we’re a tenant that’s just come by as opposed to being here for literal decades.

Anyways, while I was working I got a call on my phone from the sign spinning place. The job really isn’t ideal but I need the money and if this works out I could have enough to survive for a while. As it stands, with what I have, I can last until January and then I’m in trouble. My family has told me they’ll help out where they can, which is nice, but I don’t want to be indebted to them. I’ll call on them if I need it but right now I need to find my own footing and I have time.

After all that work my body is just sore. I spent around two or three hours hauling everything around. I just hope the interview I have tomorrow doesn’t force me to do anything too strenuous or my body is healed up by then. Right now all I’m thinking about is going back to class. That’s really the best thing right now and I need to keep with it. All the people there, what I’m learning, the potential, the possibilities. I don’t know what I would do if that falls through and I’m not going to.

Currently – 11/15/19 (Unemployed, Distraught, Afraid)

As you can tell by the title I no longer have a job… again. This would be the third time in a row if you’re keeping count. In this case, however, I wasn’t fired just unceremoniously laid-off. For once my work ethic and attitude were not a factor in my current state of unemployment. I was told today just a few hours ago.

There’s a lot wrong with this. The first is that I actually needed the job and it was a great safety net. The second is the way that it happened while the third is everyone’s reactions to it. It seems like whenever my life is starting to pick up I get sucker punched again. In terms of the reactions my family is not supportive at all. I won’t go into too many details but right now I’m just feeling really awful and their reaction to it is just bewilderment that I’m feeling this way.

I’m still going to school, and its going to stay that way for as long as I can manage, so I need to continue working towards that. Right now my best option for employment is a sign flipper which is not ideal if you were wondering. I’ve been spending the last few hours searching for jobs that can work with my schedule. But my brain just feels completely tapped out and exhausted so I’m going to relax for a bit before I send out this one job application and pray I can get it in time to keep myself afloat. If not, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do.

Currently – 6/4/19 (Motivation, Isolation, Disappointment)

To put it lightly the job search has been slow. I’ve broadened my range of things I’m willing to apply for, which is sensible. I’ve heard that jobs in the sanitation industry are actually fairly well paid. And I also thought they would have a low bar for entry. I keep telling myself I’ll get a call back really soon but its hard to keep my spirits up.

My mornings are just waking up and not at all ready to take on the day. Best thing I can do productively is really just take a shower. Just feeling so empty and drained. Its hard to do much of anything when the first thought on waking up is a slight bit of hope before its dashed as I look at my email to find junk or just… nothing. I can’t even really make any effort to go further from where I am. I thought about trying to learn a new language in the meantime or start writing more frequently, but I just don’t have the drive to do it.

Since I’m working on an ever thinning budget I can’t really go out just to get out of my own head space. My car’s gas tank is running lower and lower and what little savings I have I’m keeping just as a small backup. I suppose we both have that in common, my car and I. Just about running on fumes at this point. Problem is the car is an easy fix, just pull into a gas station and fill it up. Me? Not so simple.

I keep thinking about calling a friend, or anyone, just to talk. But every time I do they always seem busy and I feel guilty for taking up their time. However more than that I would have to go through the whole song and dance of explaining that I’m no longer employed. I know they mean well but I don’t want platitudes. I want results or solutions. That seems selfish as I say it. They mean well and I should appreciate it. In fact I do. Truly. But I just feel so tired.

I’m going to try and stay positive. Tomorrow is always another day. Who knows? I could get a call for an interview tomorrow. At least I hope so. I’m caught between continually looking at and refreshing my email or just ignoring it and focusing on myself, neither of which seems smart. If I keep looking at it I’m just going to get disappointed and lack any motivation. Of course there’s always the small possibility that I’ll eventually get a call back. I have to find something productive to do in the meantime but what that is I just don’t know. I really do hope the sun rises tomorrow but right now it just seems impossible.

3 Tips I’ve learned While Looking for Jobs

The job market can be a scary place. You never know if you’re going to get what you want or just simply what you need, space is limited and more often than not you’re going to be left waiting for a reply for what seems like forever.

Whether you’re just entering the job market or you’re trying to move up in the world this small list of things to consider should help you immensely on your search.

  • Be prepared for rejection

While this seems like a very simply and sensible concept its difficult to wrap your head around it. Obviously you’re not going to get immediately hired for any job you apply to but most likely you’re not going to even receive a notification that you have been rejected for the position. Sometimes companies like to keep your resume on file so if they don’t hire you now they might consider it in the near future.

Its a sensible practice, in its own way. Its essentially an open ended “Maybe you’ll get hired” without the rejection. However this is still a rejection. While its not impossible for you to be called up at a later date for an interview, most likely you’re looking for a job right now. Not the potential for the chance at an interview in the near future. The process of reviewing your resume could take around a week to over a month. So… what do you do in the meantime?

  • Build skills, seek other opportunities

You haven’t received a call for that job. Are you going to just sit around and wait? Of course not. There are plenty of reasons as to why you haven’t been called back. Use this time to reflect on what happened. How does your resume look? Did you send a cover letter? Did you meet all of the qualifications?

Sometimes you made a minor error here or there during the process. It happens. Regardless you can’t just stay where you are. Apply to other positions, try to beef up your resume a bit. However I will caution you to not pick up unusual skills. If you’re trying to become a banker it would unusual if you put plumbing skills on your resume. An architect should have a background in geometry, science and math and not in embroidery. These are small little anecdotes you could bring up during the interview but are by no means a plus when it comes to the current job you wish to get.

  • Research, research, research

Something that could help out is researching the company’s history itself to better familiarize yourself. If you get into an interview it can be a very good talking point to bring up to let the interviewer know you’re serious about the position. What this person is looking for is less an employee but a team player. Someone who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your working relationship is going to be smooth and pleasant.

This also has a secondary benefit for you. In the age of internet, information is readily available to almost anyone provided they have the right device to search it. While your salary may be much higher in comparison to other jobs from different companies the company itself could be a toxic work environment. Job sites will sometimes have ratings for a company as well as small comments. Reading these could give you a better idea if you want to even consider being hired by this company.

  • Apply to multiple companies

I don’t think I have to tell you that there is a significant power imbalance during this situation. You are requesting for the chance at being considered to potentially get an interview, which in itself is just the possibility to get hired. In short, you’re coming to them and not the other way around. However you shouldn’t feel alarmed by this. While you’re definitely not holding all of the cards what you can do is take every small victory you come across. You submitted your resume? Pat yourself on the back. You got an email from the company? Looks like they’re taking notice of you. Request to schedule an interview? You’ve just passed a hurdle few have.

Its difficult to get into this mindset but a good way to help yourself is to apply to many places. If you’ve sent it out enough you’ll sometimes end up with more than one request for an interview. At this point you’ve essentially got a bit of leverage. One company may be offering you something decent but another could be offering you something better. While its absolutely not a good idea to bring this up in an interview to leverage a higher salary its something to keep in the back of your mind. If this goes badly? No problem. You’ve got another prospect waiting for you. This could give you a bit of confidence and make you seem like you’re a much better candidate for hiring. If they like you enough they might even offer you a slightly better deal than initial offering.

Applying for jobs can be frustrating and actually pretty hectic and demoralizing, but don’t fret. You have plenty of options and many avenues to not only succeed but also excel. While these were only a few tips, they should help you in your search. I wish you luck in all your future job hunting prospects!