Currently – 11/22/19 (Update, Life, Hobbies)

Hello again. Its been a while, I think? I guess I’ve just sort of decided that I’ll just come back every so often and talk whenever the feeling comes up. Maybe I’ll be more consistent in the future but right now I feel like just doing this when I feel like it. Anyways, onto the rest of it.

So life has… been going. Stuff keeps happening etc. I guess right now I just feel like keeping my mind off the bad stuff while trying to better myself. I can’t move forward if I’m stuck in the mud, I guess.

Not really all that much has happened, at least nothing of note. I guess I’ve mellowed out a bit. I hope that things start to pick up but it doesn’t really feel like it right now. I had a job interview lined up for today but I honestly wasn’t really interested in the job so I turned them down which ended up working out for me later as I needed to help my family with something and the interview definitely would have interrupted that. I’m not being picky but I’d rather pick a decent job as opposed to any job right now, but beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

In the meantime I’ve just been spending my time being lazy. Sitting around, playing games and watching tv shows. That’s not really getting me anywhere and I’d like to change that. I’ve been reading more frequently than usual for a few reasons. The first is mostly just because reading is a lot better than playing video games for conversations with others. I can’t really engage with most people about new video games being released whereas books are a bit timeless. The other reason is I’ve really wanted to get back into writing so I felt like I needed to see other people’s works in order to get a feel for how I want my writing to be.

I was watching this movie that was pretty bad and I just felt disappointed in myself. I’m not even enjoying this and I’m using to keep myself from becoming a better or more well rounded person. So I decided I would try writing, at least a bit. I don’t expect anything to come of it but its a lot more productive compared to what I was doing. Coincidentally I had an idea pop into my head so I think I’ll work with that.

Not really sure what to do right now other than work on this new idea. Can’t really think of anything else better to do. If I sit where I am I feel like I’m just going to end up thinking about all the bad stuff going on and how things are screwed up. I’ve been doing that for a while and things haven’t gotten better so why not do something else? I don’t expect to finish this (like most of my other projects) but at least it will (hopefully) feel better.

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