Update – 11/18/19

So… I missed a post. Suffice it to say my life isn’t going very well right now and I just kind of let it slip my mind. I’m out of a job again, my family is not in a great place right now and a really nice relationship I was interested in has imploded. I’m sad to say this is very normal for me.

This morning I had the desire to look up the blog’s stats just to see what was going on. Then I realized I hadn’t made a post for yesterday. I thought about quickly making one where I was but decided against it. To be honest the blog isn’t doing well in the slightest. The numbers are low and it really doesn’t seem like anyone is interested anymore, and I honestly don’t blame you.

I honestly don’t know what to do with the blog anymore. It really seems like I come back here each day just to post “Things aren’t great” and, if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m not really getting any views or visitors. My main goal isn’t to accrue visitors or likes or clicks but its a pretty significant idea to show me people just aren’t interested in the blog in the slightest anymore. That being said there are a handful of you around still visiting so I’m not sure.

I feel like I’m in a really bad place right now. Money is running out, my family isn’t doing well and someone I really cared about is now ignoring me for a dumb decision I made. I don’t know what to do if there is anything to do. Maybe I will continue to update this in the future, however right now I really just feel like getting my life in some semblance of order but I’m honestly not sure where to start.

2 thoughts on “Update – 11/18/19

  1. ah hun, i’m sorry things aren’t working out for you. I wish I could offer some kind of practical advise. With regards to your blog, if you enjoy doing it, or if it provides you with an outlet, keep doing it. anyone who does read you is interested in your story, and I don’t know about you, but I have 1 real life friend and she doesn’t read my blog, but I have a couple of likes on each post, so that’s a couple of virtual friends 🙂

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