Currently – 10/18/19 (Cooking, Package, Fine)

Usually on Fridays I get all of the stuff I can’t get done on the other days of the week. Did some laundry, although I forgot to do my sheets which is kind of gross now that I think about it. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to be vegan, mostly for environmental reasons, and I decided to buy a bunch of stuff. I was really just going to go in and get some tofu so I could learn how to properly season it and such but I swear I can’t find it whatsoever. I did get some other stuff which was neat. I got an egg substitute I’ve been hearing about for the longest time, which was a really interesting experience albeit far too expensive for me to want to buy it again, and some veggie sausages plus these two massive bags of kale and spinach.

I ordered a thing from Amazon and it still hasn’t come in yet which is extremely infuriating. I kept getting alerts that it was coming but the tracker kept showing the delivery truck was driving everywhere but my place. They were even just a street over, apparently. I have to work tomorrow and I’m not sure how I can pick it up now. I’m kind of angry at this whole situation because its something for my class. I’m kind of worried that this person will just decide to leave my package out on the street and its going to get stolen, not even mentioning how I paid extra to get it shipped faster so I’ll probably have to go through the whole situation of trying to get that money back because it doesn’t seem like the package is coming tonight.

I’m feeling a lot better, in general, right now. My mind is always so busy that I keep messing around with all these things in my head. For me peace is absence or silence. I feel better when my mind is quiet, even for a moment. I decided to move away from some of the things that were making me feel a bit bad so that’s definitely helped. Wondering if I can keep this going for a bit longer. This feels really nice. I know that sounds weird to say after the whole package thing but that’s really minor, honestly.

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