Currently – 9/22/19 (School, Writing, Birthday)

As always the week is over so tomorrow I have to go to school. There’s somewhat of a groan but I’m starting to warm up to it. I guess my biggest problem is waking up early to drive to a place, having to do school work and then staying in one area for most of the day. I guess its a nice cleanse from being at home all day doing nothing other than playing video games so I can get trained to be in a work situation. Money isn’t a big issue anymore, thanks to my part time job, but I would like to make more money. It would be nice to finally start my life, so to speak.

I guess my current job is a topic I can talk about. There’s a lot of annoyances but I’ve become much more patient with that stuff recently, which I am thankful for. I’m still not in a good place in a multitude of ways but right now I’m making enough money to survive, a roof over my head, some money in my bank account and my stomach is full so it definitely could be worse. I want so much more but what I have right now works.

Been doing some more writing. I’m not sure why but the story seems to flow well, right now at least. I guess it might just be my pent up creativity finally able to spread its wings. I think school is helping with that because now I have a much more limited time to write so these ideas just build up in my head whereas sitting right in front of computer for hours a day I’m basically trying to squeeze any idea out I possibly can. I guess you can look at it like a water hose. You have to turn on the hose but it takes a while for the water to come out. Or something, I don’t know.

My birthday is coming up really soon and I’m not really excited for it for a variety of reasons. That much closer to 30 so… yay. I don’t mind getting older I just don’t like the idea of getting older while at the same time not being in the right place or what have you. Like I really want to get married and have a stable job but right now I’m single, terrible at relationships and at best I have a part time job. I’m definitely not an adult despite what my age says. I also don’t like it because a lot of people try to push expectations on me whereas I just consider it to be another day. My parents will force me to go out with them and, most likely, try and force whatever restaurant to sing to me while I’m just sinking lower and lower in my chair while all the other patrons just stare at me. Not fun.

My ideal birthday is just spending time with someone I care about. No presents whatsoever. I really hate buying things for others and having things bought for me. Yes a good present is always good but I never want to put pressure on someone to buy me something and there’s always the possibility that what I get is not what I want but I have to be polite about it. I just want to spend time with people that I can understand and love. Which is great because I just recently alienated someone I really care about so this is going to be an extra special birthday!

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