Currently – 8/30/19 (Rest, Work, Body)

So I actually did do some productive stuff today. Not much but its something. Basically just stretched out my body a bit pretending it was light exercise. All joking aside it was something marginally healthy that I can do and it wasn’t hard at all. If I do it often I could maybe get into better shape but also make it a habit. My biggest problem with exercising is I do a bit, put it off and forget about it until its too late.

Tomorrow I’m going to be starting my overtime work, I guess you could say. It was a bit more complicated when it was explained to me, and if I’m honest I forgot most of the explanation, but I think I can do this. Its just for two days, like always. My work hours have just been increased. The extra money will be nice to have and I know I can do this.

I’ve been noticing some weird changes in my body as of late. Yesterday I talked about how my eye just started hurting for seemingly no reason. Well I checked afterwards and I just have this bruise underneath my eye? I don’t even know how it got there. As if that wasn’t bad enough I’ve got this mark on my shoulder that is only now healing up. Sometimes it just feels like my body is rotting away.

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