Currently – 8/26/19 (Writing, Depressed, Tomorrow)

Did some more writing today. Not as much as I wanted, as usual. Right now all I can do is just a few paragraphs. That’s some amount though not what I want. Maybe I’ll get back to my old way of doing things. Like I’ve said its something and I’m fine with something rather than nothing.

Loneliness is getting a lot worse as of late. Keep thinking about trying to call someone but I know that I’m most likely just going to get ignored. Even if it was just a quick message that explained they couldn’t talk but would like to later would be fine. I keep staring at my phone and every single message I get my hopes go up a bit but then go down again when I realize it isn’t anyone I want to talk to. Extra annoying that I keep getting scam calls, so I can also get angry that these annoying idiots keep trying to scam me… somehow. I’m not actually sure how robocalls work, if I’m being honest but I still don’t answer any calls I don’t know.

That being said I’m not going to let it get to me. Tomorrow, after I do some more writing, I think I’m going to go for a walk. Its not ideal since its still pretty hot and there’s nothing really to do around my neighborhood. I think I’ll just walk to the store and pick up a treat or something. I’m debating on some sweets or if I should stick to something with less sugar to not screw up my body any further. Although I don’t really mind having some every once and a while. Maybe some ice cream and a soda.

I still feel pretty lost. Not sure what to do and where to go. I think the one good thing in my life right now is this blog, if I’m being honest. Seeing all of these likes, getting followers on occasion really brings my spirits up. Every so often I have to clean out my email from all the messages just telling me people are liking the stuff I have to write. Its actually really great. I think I just need to get out for a while, stretch my legs a bit.

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