Currently – 8/25/19 (Progress, Lonely, Lost)

Happy to say I actually wrote some more today. The amount of writing was fairly sparse but that’s to be expected after something of an impromptu accidental break. I did however go back and realize that I wanted to put some foreshadowing in some earlier chapters, which was nice. It took some research but I got the timeline down and I think I can continue on tomorrow.

The biggest reason I’m not releasing what I have already is because I don’t want to be one of those classic blog stories if it catches on. Something like Fifty Shades was really poorly paced and written in blog format because it was being released and updated fairly quickly. Which would garner a lot more of a fanbase as the story was continuing onward so everyone could experience the story as it was written but as a result its very slow, poorly paced and doesn’t really hold any weight to it. There’s also a lot more problems but I won’t get into that. Basically I’ll release the book on a chapter by chapter basis when I’m fully finished and have already edited each chapter to my preference.

Apart from that, I just started feeling pretty lonely today. I didn’t really reach out to anyone today so I’m not really going to bemoan that so much. I did talk to my friend yesterday and one of my texts has gone unanswered by another. So the person who didn’t answer I’m obviously not going to re-text just so I can most likely get ignored again, whereas the other friend usually stays quiet on Sundays because she goes to church… or at least that’s what I think. Either way I’m just feeling kind of disconnected again. Hopefully that will go away soon.

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do. I’m not really religious but I keep finding myself praying to know what my purpose or my path is. Where I’m supposed to go, what I’m supposed to do and who I’m supposed to be with. I don’t like playing games, in the sense of life. I’m a very straight forward person… kind of. I mean I’m shy so I like to be straight forward and I also like the same from others. Its agonizing to feel like I’m not going or doing what I’m supposed to be, that the person I’m supposed to be or be with is just out of arms reach.

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