Currently – 8/19/19 (Sad, Lonely, Work)

So I put sad up there in the title to say that I’m sad but not depressed. I mean I am depressed but its not as bad as how my depression has been lately. Okay this is kind of confusing… I’m feeling a little better but not perfect. I guess I’m sliding into a better mindset, or at least I hope I am. I’m sad but its an improvement from previously so… that’s something I guess.

I do still feel pretty lonely and I dislike that immensely. That’s not to say I don’t have people in my life rather I just can’t connect to anyone. No one really understands how I’m feeling and that’s pretty isolating. Even worse when you reach out and no one wants to talk. I’m debating on reaching out more. I usually just sit and wallow in being alone when sometimes a person is just a phone call away. It sucks to be ignored but… maybe I won’t be ignored this time?

I did make some more progress on the book. Not much but… progress is progress. I’m fighting the urge to just scrap everything and just start on something new which isn’t sensible in the slightest. I like new ideas and get bored quickly which is a big problem. I really need to get into the mindset of finishing things otherwise I’ll never get anything done. Hope I can get some more stuff done.

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