Currently – 8/11/19 (Progress, Time, Sleep)

I’m very happy to say that I actually had a good day of writing. I’m not sure if this means I’m back on track to being consistent but it seems like right now I can write. I did a full chapter which I’m pretty proud of seeing as how its my goal. I think I just needed to hammer away at it until I finally found what felt right to me. After a bit of a rewrite I was back in it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past as of late. Trying to understand why I’m the way I am. I keep going back to my less than happy childhood, when I was starting puberty and friends long passed. I keep thinking of things that were my fault and those that weren’t. I’m not going to go into detail but I keep doing this often. I don’t hate it but it feels like I’m not doing anything productive. I’m not moving on to greater and better things. But at the same time I have a problem looking into the future and ultimately ruining my own expectations.

Sorry for the relatively short post. I’m actually feeling kind of tired right now. I think I’m going to brush my teeth and then go to bed. My back hurts too but that’s my own fault. I’ve been slacking on exercising so hopefully I’ll remember to do some tomorrow. Yoga seems to be my way to go. Apart from that I’m not really sure what else. Some other stuff happened to me today but I feel like its best if I don’t talk about that. In any case, whenever you’re reading this I hope you have or had a good day.

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