Currently – 8/9/19 (Failure, Bored, Night)

Alright so my plan to potentially increase my productivity backfired immensely. Like not even remotely worked. My plan was to do my morning routing before I wrote and, for whatever reason, it just just completely shot my ability to write anything. Being generous, I got a paragraph done. That’s bad, if you were wondering. So I’m just going to go back to my original way.

As a result everything I’ve done not related to working has just been soured. Recreational stuff was supposed to be my way to unwind but I just did it out of habit and now I feel like I’ve been rewarding myself for doing nothing. Which is a pretty minor complaint, all things considered. Right now I’m just thinking of something I can do to pass the time but I’m leaning towards just going to bed early. Not really sure if that’s a good plan.

This is probably the first time in a while I’ve just felt tired at night. Usually I’ll just yawn and know I should go to sleep because its late but its actually fairly early right now. I kind of want to but also I know its going to screw up my sleep pattern. Though, seeing as how I don’t really have a job or many obligations that’s not a huge deal. Although I guess I do have a temporary job for the weekend. I think I can get through that being a little tired.

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