Currently – 8/2/19 (Effort, Writing, Future)

I got some work done. It wasn’t as much as I wanted but it was more than what I had done previously the day before so that was good. Basically my ideal day of writing is an entire chapter, which doesn’t seem sensible but I’m actually capable of doing that on a good day and if the story is flowing well. I’ve done it a fair amount and ideally I’d like to keep up with that. Unfortunately that’s not always possible.

Usually my interest in a story starts to wain in the first few chapters. That’s both for me reading/watching and writing. Basically time is short and if its not working then there’s a bevy of content out there that I can find or create. While this does work for me when I’m consuming content you can obviously see where this falters when it comes to creating. Being absolutely honest, if I could just sell my ideas I would never have to worry about money ever again. I literally come up with at least one new story a day. I’m definitely trying to get out of this mindset from a creating standpoint.

So the writing is actually going okay so far. I guess my biggest concern is that the chapters are a bit short. Usually I’ll have smaller shorter chapters at the beginning. This is both from the standpoint of keeping content concise and neat as well as compact but also I very much dislike extremely long opening chapters period. I don’t care what book it is, if your chapter is going on for a massive amount of time I’m dropping it. Biggest problem I have is I often see that its been artificially lengthened because while five or less pages gets across everything in a clean and functional matter people might feel weird that its so short. My personal basis is that its better for a beginning reader so they can get into the story more easily without being assaulted by a wall of text but also just make the chapter as long as it functionally needs to be. What do you guys think?

I’m not even remotely sure when I will be in a place to actually release the book. I’ve said before that I’m thinking about creating a separate blog and just posting it there because it doesn’t seem to fit this format. I would also see how someone could be eagerly waiting for the next chapter only to be disappointed because I’m posting this. Obviously I will link when I’m done with this so you can all read it but that’s my stance. The book itself is… somewhat short? I’m not entirely sure. Its definitely not going to have a sequel because I’m not interested in that.

Just realized that I spent multiple paragraphs talking about my book. Life is going pretty well as of late. Been doing a lot of self reflecting and I’m coming to a state where I feel… better. Not good or healthy or even just in the right place but slowly getting into a better state. Some other stuff is happening but I don’t really feel like talking about that for various reasons. I guess next month I’ll be starting classes soon but I feel like I can continue to update the blog in the same manner, although if that changes I will let you all know. So ya… not bad.

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