Currently – 7/25/19 (Average, Ache, Bored)

Today was pretty decent, all things considered. I mean something bad did happen to someone I care about which I’m not happy about but she seems to be better so that’s… good? Ideally it wouldn’t have happened in the first place, of course. I put some more work into the book but not as much as I wanted to. Not sure why but I at least put in some work. I’m not going to beat myself up over only getting a small amount of work done.

I also got a check for my vacation time. The amount is surprisingly larger than I was expecting. I was thinking that I would just get my original salary just stretched out over time. I hope this isn’t the only check but if it is I’ll try to make the best of it. In fact its so large I feel weird about cashing it. Obviously I will to pay my bills but not immediately. I think I’ll ask to see if there’s enough money in the account before doing so.

My brother took me out for some free food. That’s always nice. Although I can’t really say free cause I gave him a hundred bucks for the phone bill. So… more like I gave him a hundred bucks and to compensate me he bought me 8 bucks worth of food. Ya not a good exchange rate. Even still I have the money right now so its not a big deal.

Ever since then I’ve just been playing some more video games. I just got up to write this. For whatever reason my body is really aching right now. I guess the chair I was sitting in wasn’t super comfortable. I feel kind of tired as well. Considering taking a nap but it seems pretty early. I think I’ll just watch some Netflix to pass the time. If I decide to sleep then so be it.

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