Currently – 7/24/19 (Progress!, Future, Book?)

After sitting down and forcing myself to write I actually ended up doing a pretty decent amount! I want to say about two full chapters. They’re short pages but progress is progress. I decided to work on a shorter story seeing as how a much longer and potentially multiple book series is, not impossible but, not something I should focus on for my first real book. Its not a short book but its shorter than what I was planning on working on.

My thoughts are turning to the idea of where I should post this. My best guess is to start another Word Press blog and just post it there. I will obviously link to the completed work when I’m done with it. My hope is to either get my Patreon up and running so that I can get donations and further incentivize working on books full time. Also publishing it would be amazing as well but I think I’ll hold back on that for now. And if I can commission an artist to create a cover that would be amazing but I’m guessing that is very much out of my budget at this time.

If I keep this up I can probably finish within a month, although that seems like a very small amount of time to me. The book is taking some historical events and using them as a backbone so I have to research that along side writing. Its a task but I enjoy it. I’m also learning some stuff in the meantime so that’s always nice too. The words seem to be flowing out fairly well right now, but that could change in an instant.

I’m being cautiously optimistic right now. Its great that I’m actually putting some tangible work and effort into this but I’m not ready to break out the champagne, so to speak. At the moment I’m working and things are going fine. There’s a larger process to this and its going to take time, that much I’m aware of. But I feel like actually finishing this so we’ll see where it goes.

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