Currently – 7/22/19 (Procrastination, Money, Hobbies)

And yet another day of doing nothing really productive. Well I guess I shouldn’t say that. I’ve been metaphorically sitting on a bag full of my old work’s company shirts. We stopped using them after some time but that’s not the point. Anyways, after over a month of having washed, dried and placed them into a bag I finally gave it back. Mostly as an excuse to ask if my vacation pay was coming as I haven’t My former supervisor later confirmed that next pay period I will be receiving that vacation pay so yay!

This isn’t permanent or going to be an exceptional amount of money but its… something. Ideally I will be getting my previous pay until all of my unused vacation time has run out. I never really took a lot of vacation time so I could be getting a pretty decent sum. I haven’t done any calculations but I never took more than a week off each year minus sick days and stuff like that. At the very least it should prop me up for a while until I can find gainful employment. I’m hoping it goes for the duration of my classes coming about two months from now and the classes will yield an actual job.

I pretty much spent the entire time playing video games, minus a few areas here and there, and that’s definitely not ideal. I think I’ll at least attempt to put a dent into a book. Definitely not going to finish it but progress is progress. As I’ve said before once I feel comfortable enough doing so I will post it somewhere and link you all to it so you can read it for free.

I’ve been thinking of playing some puzzle games in the meantime. If I’m going to procrastinate on my work might as well work my brain in the meantime, I guess. Personally I’ve never really been interested in them but maybe I can change that. I would like to just buy like a puzzle or something but I probably have a few puzzle games around here or there so might as well not waste money while we’re at it. Although I’d really like to do something that exercises my mind. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

Fairly recently I decided to get back into learning Japanese. Its… going okay. I mean I need to be more proactive in learning but it, at the very least, feels like I’m doing something productive. I use this app called Duolingo and it works fairly well. I was using it before to learn but I dropped it for life difficulties. I know Japanese is an unusual choice to learn seeing as how its not really widely spoken but I have always been enamored with Japanese culture and wanted to visit Japan one day so it just seemed like a good fit. Maybe some time in the near future I could go there.

Life feels pretty decent for now. I kind of feel like I’ve got a handle on things at the moment. Nothing really too crazy happening. I feel like I can do this. Just take life one day at a time and you’ll be fine. I think that’s a good way to look at it.

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