Currently – 7/21/19 (Positivity, Work?, Progress?)

Last post I made was a bit down. Again, my main point is to be honest with my posts. Admittedly I really went in for it but that was how I was feeling at the time. I guess I’m a bit better today. The sun was shining, I cleaned my room some. Definitely had better days but I liked today.

Some time ago I was offered a temporary job on the weekends. I’m not sure how much it pays but money is money. Occasionally I’ll pick up the slack where its needed so now I get to have some money, hopefully. I’m hoping it will be enough to pay off my bills in the meantime. If not it can just be a buffer that I will, ideally, save for when its needed.

I woke up feeling pretty decent about myself. Instead of immediately slacking off I did some work… and then started slacking off. But at least I worked some! I don’t often wake up and just feel like actually going for the day so this was a nice change of pace. I decided to shave as well seeing that my face was getting a bit scraggly. I don’t like being clean shaved or otherwise left with some stubble but it felt nice to get it off. I was planning on putting a face mask on but I was asked to work today which I readily accepted so hopefully I’ll get paid for my time.

Unfortunately no work done on any of my books. Although I’m not all that disappointed. Sure I’m not making any progress but at least I’m thinking about it. More often than not my mind will just fill up with all these ideas and eventually I’ll just force myself to put in the effort. That’s definitely not ideal but at least I’ll have the drive to go out and do something. I think I’ll make out an outline for one of my books. Maybe that will give me the energy and ideas I need to push forward.

My Patreon is still up but I’m not sure what to do with it. I should start making some goals but at this point what I really want is to know what I should do with it. Would be great to make some passive money on it or, better yet, make it my main source of income. At this point I’m just not sure anyone is interested in what I have to write. Apart from this blog, I mean and even then I’m not totally sure.

I think my goal right now is to finish a book then start posting it online. I think if its good or interesting enough people might flock to it and actively give me money for more chapters. That would be nice. Even better I would love to get it published and be able to see my book on shelves. However I think its best to keep my goals simple. Just write and finish a book for now and anything else is just a bonus.

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