Currently – 7/19/19 (Weekend, Progress?, Mood)

I forget sometimes how easy it is to get me out of my personal funk. Just need to clean something and get out of the house. Second part is more difficult due to lack of money and options but the first is really easy… mostly because I’m a slob. I finally threw away my old job’s uniform. Former boss decided to take it out of my final paycheck just as one last screw you even though I fully intended to return it. So its in the garbage and I’m moving on.

More progress done on Lyft. I won’t be able to use my insurance in case I get into an accident, which can have potential complications. But after I get an inspection done on my car then I can finally drive and maybe make some money. My mom thinks I should get some insurance that will cover me while I’m using Lyft so I think I’ll at least try to go for that.

Right now I’m at my parents’ house. Really don’t like it here for a multitude of reasons I don’t want to get into. But as a plus I get to see my cats and my brother’s dog so that’s a plus. They lift my spirits up every time I see them. I’m not looking forward to trying to sleep tonight. If its too hot to sleep at my place easily its going to be much worse here. This place is basically in the desert.

I’ve made sure not to take too many distractions here with me in an effort to put more work into a book. I still want to do it but I just have to get into the mood. The only things holding me back is the idea I might not make it and annoying life stuff getting in the way, both of which I can power through if given proper motivation. I’m still not sure where to post the finished product yet. Patreon’s posting leaves much to be desired. The format isn’t great. Even so that won’t stop me from trying to finish this product.

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