Currently – 7/14/19 (Patreon, Writing, Adjustment)

Just a few moments ago I started up a Patreon account! Its mostly for writing, I guess. Not really sure what to do from here. Like my thought is do I wait for people to come or do I just post immediately? Like it would be sensible to just start posting to attract people, right?

Sorry this just feels so weird. Feels like somewhat of a milestone right now. It would be really cool if this jumped off and just became my primary source of income, but sensibility tells me that probably isn’t going to be a thing. I suppose if I work hard and put in the effort I can see some returns. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m not expecting you to jump on, immediately or whatsoever. If you could donate some money that would be immensely appreciated but no pressure. Even the smallest amount of money is going to go a long way. Sharing it would also be amazing. This is, most likely going to take some time to build up but its something that feels worth building.

My day so far went okay. My mom was telling me that most likely the insurance on my car won’t accept ride sharing so I need to find a secondary insurance so I can finally use Lyft. Currently all of the insurance companies seem to be closed today so I’ll have to get on that tomorrow. I did some quick research and it seems like the whole process is going to be a bit more of a pain to get up and running. Pain or not its potential money that I need.

I guess the rest of the day is just going to be me trying to get this Patreon up to code, if possible. There’s a lot I need to get working on so I think that’s going to be my focus. Mostly in terms of “What does this do” or “How does this work”, stuff like that. It seems like a pretty intense time investment.

As for this blog I feel like I’ll keep it around. Not in the sense I don’t want to but I’ll keep it up for you guys, rather its up and I have no reason to shut it down. This blog is nice and I really like being able to vent my day to you. And the views, likes and comments are really nice. Thank you to everyone who has ever viewed, liked or commented on one of my posts.

I’m hesitating just going wild and jumping for joy. It feels like every time I do something like that whatever I was happy about ends up turning badly. Look through my posts and you’ll see that pretty quickly. I’m not saying this to be a downer, rather I feel like I need to be a bit more realistic. Patreon is a cool idea that could become something. Right now its a potential dream that’s going to take time and effort.

There’s nothing more I’d like to do than to tell you I’m in a great place right now. That this one event has changed my life for the better. Of course that isn’t the case, which I’m fine with. The best things in life often take the most time. It may seem like a waste at first but if you’re willing to put the effort in you could end up seeing something really good bloom out of it. Life is complicated like that.

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