Blog Update – 7/13/19

Hey everyone! Just a quick… update? I’m not sure. Not really sure what to categorize this as but whatever.

Alright so currently I’m thinking this blog isn’t very much of… anything really. The likes and views have come back to a better level but it really isn’t where I want it to be in terms of making anything of it. I’ve been thinking of making some changes to posting but I really don’t want the same problem I had when I was posting twice a day. I’m interested to see what you might think I could do.

My current thought is that I still want to be a writer but the self publishing hasn’t gone well. I’m not sure if I’ve made literally any money off the book. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can check to see if I’ve made any sales. Apart from that I haven’t received any reviews and my bank account hasn’t received any money so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it hasn’t sold anything.

My thought is that I’ll just post some chapters of a book online. I was thinking that I could do it here but that doesn’t really seem like the format would fit with this blog. I guess I could make a new one and just link it? If that’s possible I think that would be the best way. Ideally I’d like to keep it on the same account and just have a side account so I think I’ll look into that. If its possible I’ll definitely get on that as soon as possible.

Well anyways, thanks for reading (if you have).

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