Currently – 7/10/19 (Progress?, Annoyed, Contemplating)

While it is a small step I have actually made some slight progress to being a bit more productive. Finally did some laundry which was piling up on the floor. Not sure why I didn’t just do it earlier but whatever, its done now. Hopefully this will get me out of my lazy slump that I’ve been in recently. Should wash my sheets, now that I think about it. Tomorrow I guess.

Spent most of my time playing a video game, which I’m not proud of. Finally decided to quit out because it was crashing and it gave me an excuse to write this. Maybe I’ll get back on later but I think I’ve had enough for today. Right now I feel like I should, at the very least, attempt some writing. I don’t lack ideas just the motivation to write. Not sure how to get that back but maybe if I foster more positive practices I could get back into the spirit.

All in all it was a pretty uneventful day. Nothing really out of the normal. I hope it stays that way, honestly. Not really interested in significant life changes right now. I think I’ll just try and buckle down to working. Maybe I’ll look for some jobs again. I’m fine with today, all things considered. Not bad.

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