Currently – 7/6/19 Updated (Done, Repeating, Uninterested)

It pains me to say this but I don’t think this person is my friend. Looking back on past events it really feels like I’ve been the person to instigate conversations around 90% of the time. And it has been all too frequent that this person will ignore my messages. At first I accepted this but after a certain point I’m done making concessions for people.

I sent a message and she hasn’t responded. I could make excuses for this but I’m not interested in doing so. I’ve done this for a lot of people in the past that ultimately ended up leaving me. In one case I was strong enough to leave this person and it really hurt but it was better in the end.

At this point its up to them. I’m not going to initiate contact further. I’m tired of doing this. I’ve done it before and I’m not interested in doing it again. I’m not a crutch. I’m a human being. I deserve to be treated as such.

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