Blog Update

Alright so it seems that my new format of two posts a day doesn’t seem to be working. My plan was to put out a morning and an evening post so that my foreign audience that works on a different time zone could view it at a better time. As it stands my views have dropped to literally nothing. If any of you have any suggestions I would like to know. However as it stands I think that I will go back to my original format and post time effective immediately.

2 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. You should post when you want to, even if it’s what people think is too much. It’s your creation, if you bend it into its something it isn’t then you risk losing your voice.

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    1. Thank you, and yes I agree with you. However I see the views and likes as an indication of what people are coming here for. Ideally (if given the opportunity) I’d like to monetize this blog. So people viewing and liking my posts is a good indication of what I should be focusing on.
      With that being said I’ve noticed its a lot harder to force myself to post this way. And the quality of the posts is lacking as well. I believe I’ll pick it up if I feel the need to do it on a case by case basis. Thank you for your input, it was very valuable!

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