Currently – 7/5/19 Updated (Evening, Weekend, Uncertain)

Weekend, am I right? I mean every single day that you’re unemployed is basically a weekend so not much has changed. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing a lot of nothing and I’m really interested in changing that as soon as possible. Regardless of what that means.

Today I was… slightly more productive. I looked up some more jobs, some of which seem pretty decent and I could actually do. I might apply for them soon. Maybe I’ll look around a bit. I believe I mentioned that I was going to go to a trade school before but the class was moved to the Fall. It sucks because the class would have been a possible door in to a decent paying job. I think that’s why I’m slacking on this.

I think this weekend I’ll do some reflecting. What I want and what I can do. My mom told me she’ll help me with Lyft. Its just a problem with the insurance. Once that’s done all I need to do is to get a check up on my car and take a test. Its not going to be a lot of money but it should help me with my bills. Really all I need is about 500 USD each month. That’s not a whole lot either way but I’ll be satisfied with it.

I think right now I need to be a little more reasonable. In the sense of my spending habits and my work ethic. Maybe I’ll start doing some better work on money. I’ve been thinking about investing that money. That’s not super sensible but its better to invest small bits of money rather than wasting it on dumb stuff. Or at least that’s how I see it. I’ll see what comes when I’m there.

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