Currently – 7/5/19 (Morning, Diligence, Growth)

Hey everyone. This is a bit earlier than I usually post. I’ve been looking over the stats and kind of realized since a fair bit of my reader base is located overseas I thought I would post this a bit earlier just to gauge if this could work better. Let me know what you think of this. I’d really appreciate some feedback so I can make this blog better.

Last night one of my friends texted me just to say hi, which was really nice. I was planning on texting her but I wasn’t sure if she was celebrating with her family on the Fourth of July. It wasn’t anything serious, just a nice chat. We talked about our lives and what was going on between the two of us. It really lifted my spirits.

During the text we talked about our own personal weight problems. Personally I have nothing against her body type but she’s expressed concern from various stand points. I have my own problems that are mostly due to my poor diet and exercise choices. I think the biggest problem I have is that my body type is so close within reach and easily attainable but I just need to mentally get myself into shape. There was a time when I was exercising a bit more but I dropped it for reasons.

Apart from that, I still have money issues which I can fully admit are my fault. Not only from the stand point that I’m not actually going out there and trying to get work but also with what I do in my down time. Its very good to unwind from a long day’s work but its important what you do with that time. What I’ve been doing in playing video games non stop when I should really be doing something more productive but relaxing or even combining that with another action like exercising in between cut scenes or during a loading screen. Essentially just a small thing that can lead to healthier mental practices in the future.

For less than a week I started getting into meditation. I dropped it because I felt that I picked up some interesting and useful tips. However I feel like I want to go another step beyond. Sure it helped me get most of my anger and anxiety under control as well as a nice and calming breathing exercise, but I really want to push the limits of what I could do. I’m not saying I’ll gain super powers (but I wouldn’t say no to some) rather what I want is a better understanding of my mind and body. How far can I detach myself and experience the world? Will I understand who I am on a fundamental level? Who knows, but I’m excited to try and see.

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