Currently – 7/2/19 (Stressed, Money, Hope)

Today started off… not great. So I was trying to resign up with Lyft so I could make some money on the side while I wait for classes. In preparation for the test I washed and cleaned my car. Midway through the wash I was contacted by my bank to be informed that I will get back most of my money that a site took from which is great. Unfortunately it interrupted me and I was forced to spend even more money to finish the wash so… well at least I’m getting more money back.

The process didn’t go smoothly. My car’s insurance is in my parents’ names so they wouldn’t accept it because my name is not on it. I’ve emailed them (which was more difficult than you might imagine) in an attempt to get this solved. So currently I don’t have any money making opportunities. Really feels like I’m running out of options.

Compounding this is one of my other ideas has fallen through for being immensely less lucrative than I convinced myself it was. Basically I would just be making points and cashing in those points for stuff I would then turn over for some money. Not a whole lot but food money. The turn over rate for anything valuable was immensely less than I was expecting. So I feel like I shouldn’t waste my time on that anymore and try to find something else.

At the midst of all this stress my friend and I have been sending each other dumb jokes sparsely. It sounds weird but what was a day of crushing disappointment turned into a smile every time I picked up my phone and saw another message. I’m still not sure what I can do, money-wise, however right now I’m really happy that I have this person in my life who I can share dumb jokes with. Its like someone threw me a life raft and just gave me a reason to smile.

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