Currently – 7/1/19 (Foolish, Friend, Plans)

Ya I was being kind of an idiot. I mean literally all it took was for me to talk to her via another method. Still not sure why she didn’t answer my text but that’s not really a big deal and I can ask her later. She was really nice. Due to the time difference she sent me a message well into the night. I tried to strike up a conversation but I’m guessing she was tired and fell asleep, which I find adorable and glad she took the effort to talk.

I think right now I need to focus on earning money so I can actually go out there to meet her. Maybe see if this is going to be something a bit more concrete. I always worry that I’m going to take up her time when she should be resting or spending time with others. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. Besides I’ll most likely end up actually asking her when is the best time so… ya, that’s future stuff.

In terms of money I think I’ll have to do some ride sharing stuff. Today I had to mess around with some annoying false charges that put a really heavy burden on my account. From now on I’ll no longer use image sharing sites because this one was really sketchy and charged my account multiple times. I was forced to get a new bank card and file a claim. Hopefully I get that 100+ USD back. I’ve also got another idea that’s not super lucrative but I can do it on the side with minimal effort once I actually get that up and running.

I feel… better. Not great. There’s still a lot going wrong in my life but I feel like I can handle it. Especially considering someone actually commented on one of these posts to give me some really nice advice. Thank you, by the way! It really helped! I guess if I had to put it into words: I’m no longer drowning. My boat sank (first job) then I tried to get on another boat but that didn’t work (second job) and right now I’m just trying to go with the current while building a boat out of driftwood. Things could be a lot worse. I can do this.

2 thoughts on “Currently – 7/1/19 (Foolish, Friend, Plans)

  1. When there are no boats around you still can swim around until you find one, Even if you get tired you can always float on your back for awhile to rest! Nothing ever goes 100% right or 100% wrong. The fact that you still don’t the best but you feel better is proof of progression. I would worry if there were none.

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