Currently – 6/25/19 (Writing, Country, Disillusionment)

Today I finally had the courage to put more work into my paper. I was debating on doing it because I was feeling lazy and didn’t think I wanted to do it any more. However there were some stories that I saw that convinced me otherwise. I just want to say this as bluntly as possible: America is not a good place to be right now. The political climate is terrible and the way our representatives are treating foreigners/minorities is extremely terrible. If you have plans to visit here I suggest you wait.

Its very difficult to comprehend how unusual or messed up your country really is until you see it from an outside perspective. About two years ago I was given the opportunity to go to Iceland. Its an extremely beautiful place, many of the people are friendly and its weirdly both alien and similar. Every single person I met, even two children who weren’t in double digit ages, spoke English and their native tongue perfectly. Customs were incredibly streamlined to get through even though we were coming in during the tourist season. I think it took a total of maybe twenty minutes to get off the plane and actually set foot outside into Iceland.

Maybe one day I’ll speak more on the trip, if you want me to. To put it simply I’ve never felt more like myself than when I was in a foreign land. But that isn’t the point I’m trying to make. Getting back into America was a laborious and disheartening task for someone who was born, lived and never once before this time went outside of the country. Lines were crowded and congested. There were at least around a hundred people cramped and locked into lines to get out of one of the largest airports in the entire country. It honestly took around an hour just to be back home.

Of course this is a small portion of the larger problem. Right now there are many people being held in concentration camps, children no less. The conditions are so bad that they aren’t even being given proper living conditions to such an extent that children are in serious harm and some have even died. This is absolutely monstrous and absolutely unnecessary. I must point out that you personally are unlikely to be placed in one of these concentration camps but it is a very telling sign that things most likely will get worse if nothing is done.

My paper is focusing on one aspect that is plaguing my country’s politics. I have been emboldened to, at the very least, attempt to finish and publish my work. If all goes well it will happen by the end of the week. This is no longer about me and my fears but something I feel I need to do to shed light on a group of individuals in my country who seem to be at the seat of all its woes. Not getting too heavy into my personal situation but if anyone were to connect what I am about to write and publish back to me there is a very strong possibility I could be killed by some extremist groups. However I would rather die telling the truth than prosper under a system that actively discriminates and harms innocent people.

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