Currently – 6/23/19 (Friendship, Opportunities, Potential)

Had two nice talks with both of my friends. Both were really nice, supportive and I really like them a lot. Sorry, just gushing about them. One friend was talking to me about potential money ideas. Some interesting things I could do on YouTube and potentially gain a following. Think I might try to capitalize on that when I have time.

I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to have a nice support net. Sure I have my parents and bits of family here and there, but there’s a different feeling when you’ve created a bond with a complete stranger and they care about you that can’t be beat. My family is there for me but I can’t shake the feeling that its mostly out of obligation. But these people? I had to work to earn their love and trust. I don’t know, I just kind of like that feeling.

I don’t think I capitalize on my talents which is something I should change. I used to be a naturally talented artist back when I was a teenager. I dropped it because I didn’t think I could do much of anything with it. Now I feel kind of dumb seeing as how my personal Twitter is dedicated to following really great artists. Might pick it up again in the near future.

I think I’ve been harping on about how little I can do as opposed to what I can. I’m pretty lucky, I can admit that. I don’t have anything extremely wrong with me, I have some decent talents that could take me farther, my family is kind of in the picture. Maybe it took a depressive episode for me to understand how much I truly have. Ideally I wouldn’t sink so deep just to feel better but I’ll take all the good stuff I can.

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