Currently – 6/17/19 (Stability, Options, Hope)

Last few posts have been very depressing, I can admit that. My goal with this blog is to not make anyone feel better by lying to them but rather catalog my life as it occurs. That being said I am sorry to those of you who have come here with the express purpose of feeling better about yourselves via an uplifting blog. I will take that into account and keep it in mind for my next posts.

With that being said, I actually had a pretty decent day. Not much out of the ordinary, save for the fact I got to speak to my friend for a fairly long amount of time. It was actually very nice, although she was a little bit off in responding which I took as her contacting another person at the same time. We talked a bit and I really enjoyed it but not much other than that. I find the simplest things in life are often the best.

Still currently unemployed but I won’t let that get me down. My mom has been talking, a lot if I’m being honest, about things I can do. I think my major annoyance with this is that she seems to be forcing me to move back home. To put it lightly I don’t have happy memories living there and I would prefer not to. However if circumstances continue I just may have to. Point is I’m not giving up and I’ve got things I can do.

I had given up all hope of being able to take my trip but things are getting better. While, yes, I don’t have a job and therefore the capital to fund my trip what I do have is a good friend over there. It definitely isn’t going to happen tomorrow, not in the next week or probably even in the month but I’ll do my best to meet with her in person. I’ve been through stuff like this before and I can tell you first hand I don’t like to wallow. It doesn’t help me to do so and I eventually end up stagnating. It may be painful to walk forward but its better if I do so. Better to feel a bit of pain moving forward than to sustain it by staying put.

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