Tiny Update – How Far I’ve Come

Wow! Okay. So I was looking at my numbers and I’m getting a pretty decent following. Honestly wasn’t totally sure that just talking about my life in general would get anyone to read but… I’ve been proven wrong. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank every single person that’s read anyone of my posts, liked them and of course followed me. Its a huge boost to my self confidence and I’m glad that you like what I’m doing!

So with this (I think I’ll do this every so often) I just want to kind of address… anything really. Of course I just talked about the modest following I’m receiving (again, thank you) but I kind of want to hear from all of you. What do you like about my content? What do you think I can do better? Any thoughts really. I don’t want this to be a very one sided conversation but rather an engagement.

From what I’ve seen it really sounds like my ‘Currently’ is what people are here for. I mean obviously, I haven’t made many other posts and the ones I have made diverging from it really have seen pretty much no traction. My guess is that people are enjoying just me talking about my life and sort of venting about my day. Also the positive posts tend to verge on the more popular side whereas negative doesn’t. Even knowing this I’m not going to sanitize what I write and how I feel. This is less about the views and following and more about what I’m going through. Though of course, again, thank you sincerely for following.

I’ve been debating about posting more diverse content. I personally really like writing and video games so I think I might talk about those in the near future. Movies are interesting and tv shows but I don’t consume that content a whole lot. I’ve said this before but I really hope to monetize this blog so I can make it an actual job as opposed to a hobby. Although that’s more “It would be cool if I could literally just do something I like and get paid for it” type thing. I’d also like feed back on how you feel about that as well.

I think tomorrow I’ll start, at least, attempting to branch out a bit more. Its nice to talk about my day but honestly I feel its getting kind of stale. I still will post about that but in general I think maybe spreading out a bit could ultimately be more beneficial in the long run. I don’t think I could make this a full time thing or even just continue on a consistent basis if it becomes monotonous. In terms of just the general idea of existence and etc this blog won’t last forever. Whether its because I… pass on or somehow the internet becomes defunct or this site just goes its going to end eventually, however not soon at all as far as I can see.

Well I guess that’s it. Again, thanks for following my journey. And I would also like some feedback. Whether its in the comments or via email I would definitely appreciate it. Thank you for taking this journey with me and I hope we can continue this for the foreseeable future. Until then I hope your lives are enriched and filled with happiness. I hope you enjoy the content I’m going to be putting out in the future!

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