Introduction to the Blog

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start a new blog. I had one in the past, so I’m not starting from scratch, however that was very long ago and I was pretty new to this.

I think its important to state, clearly and plainly, what you’re all about and this is no exception. This blog is going to be pretty random, if I’m being honest. I have a lot of hobbies and interests so really this is just going to be me sort of rambling off about my life, what’s going on and my opinions on certain things.

I would like to keep this as apolitical as possible. I know its going to be kind of impossible but if you’re looking for my own political opinions I’d rather not say. However if its about a subject that I’m personally interested in or feel needs to be talked about then I will absolutely do so.

Apart from that I like movies, tv shows, video games and books on occasion. I suppose I’ll do reviews of the content that I consume but I feel that for the most part this is just going to be me telling you about myself in a very casual way. Although I’d like to remain anonymous as possible, just for my own personal privacy.

I really do hope you enjoy what I’m going to be doing and hope you’ll stick around!

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